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Mike Jarmain

Mike Jarmain
A fully qualified teacher and a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides, Mike’s aim is to bring the battlefield to life, in order that the efforts and sacrifices of previous generations be fully understood and appreciated. A regular visitor to the battlefields of WW1 and WW2, he loves nothing better than to share his passion and knowledge with those who would like to discover more about the battles and those who took part.

Mike was born in Essex in 1968. Throughout his life he always had three key passions – a love of the outdoors, the ambition to serve as a soldier and an interest in military history. Following the first two passions, Mike joined the Army in 1990 and has served all over the world as both a regular and reserve soldier, including Kenya, South Africa, Brunei, Belize, Norway, America, Iraq, Noorthern Ireland and much of Europe.

As a young man, his growing interest in military history led to perhaps his greatest moment of his school days, correcting his history teacher about the numerous errors in coursework about WW2 she was handing out. How pleased she must have been! However, his greatest influence in developing his love of military history was listening to his grandfather talk of his time serving in NW Europe during WW2 and of his active participation in the fighting around Caen, the Meuse-Escaut Canal, Holland and Germany. It was hearing these tales of ‘life at the sharp end’ that set Mike along the path to becoming a battlefield guide and of conveying the human experience and cost of war.

Mike's interests are wide ranging and he has toured the battlefields of the First World War, Second World War, Zulu War and has travelled far afield to follow in the footsteps of the Nez Perce tribe during Plains Indian Wars in the American West.

Mike is married, lives in mid Wales and is currently writing a book on Operation Varsity, the last of the Allied airborne operations in WW2.